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Time To Offend A Feminist!

The things you miss when you fail to make the rounds.

Lesson learned.  At least two days are left.

This is the third annual Offend A Feminist Week, created by none other than Rule 5 creator Stacy McCain.  His inaugural post decimates decades of feminist construct in the space of six paragraphs.  My favorite bit:

Nothing so offends a feminist as the idea that somewhere there might be a woman who considers it an honor and privilege to be “Just a Mom.”

Ooh!  That somewhere is here, in my house.  I’m a stay-at-home.  Worse than that, I had a professional career and dumped it.  Best thing I ever did outside of marrying hubs.  The next best thing after that would be having the kids.  See where I’m going with this?

Time to use the quote Bob Belvedere found:

As a male stay-at-home wifey, every week is National Offend a Feminist Week for me.  I accomplish it by breathing.

This week is celebrated mostly thru Rule 5 and vintage sexist advertisements.  I don’t have to tell you gents to see Mr. Belvedere for Rule 5.

Matt’s Hideout is the place for vintage advertisements, and they are hilarious:

Here’s Your Breakfast In Bed Dear, Please Don’t Beat Me Again!

Wives Belong In The Kitchen!

If You’re Fat It’s Because You Don’t Do Enough Housecleaning, Lazy Cow!

Oh My, Naughty Wifey’s Been Buyin’ Cheap Coffee

I had no idea this kind of humor used to be acceptable.  Or is it humor at all?

I’m at a loss.  The pre-feminist world is alien to me.  Any readers old enough, do tell what it was like.  I mean what it was really like, not what feminists tell us about the horrible old patriarchal order.  During my lifetime, our culture entirely absorbed the tenets of feminism.  Even conservative women usually have feminist beliefs of varying degrees.

Okay, I’ve used this word “feminist” several times, and I know that people disagree about even its most basic definition.  I don’t want to get into that.  I just want to get straight to the offending.  So here it goes.   

There is nothing wrong with this image of a woman being a man’s servant.

There, I’ve said it.  Servant.  Servile.  Serve.  We think it’s great when applied to military service, religious pursuits, or feeding the poor.  Why does it make us wince when it’s applied to a woman’s relationship with a man?

Perhaps the implication of force (he is showing her her place) makes us uncomfortable.  Perhaps the discomfort is increased with her place being so obviously beneath him.

But what if this image does not involve any force?

Ah, how can that be?  No woman with half a brain would choose to serve a man in this servile manner!  Would she?  And anyways, if she chooses to do so, then why does he have to show her anything?

Well, why would any woman with half a brain choose to serve an unmanly, unworthy guy?  It’s actually kind of quaint, this ad.  The idea appears to be that you’ll impress your wife by sporting these ties in bed.

Is it possible that our equality-obsessed culture could rob us of a great joy?

Here’s what I’ve noticed.  We are all serving something or someone.  All the time, every second of every day.  By blogging right now I am currently serving myself.  When I’m not serving myself, I’m serving the kids, or the hubs, or a friend by babysitting or hanging out.

When you work, you are serving a variety of things and people:  yourself, your boss, wealth, customers, clients, the public, the government.  Of course, there’s also the whole “serve God in all things” thing that the Bible throws in the mix.

The world I live in tries to tell me that serving my husband is demeaning.  It is not.  Of all the myriad people and things that I have served over the years, nothing has been more gratifying.