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Koch Puppets’ Newest Misleading Video

You know which puppets I’m talking about–Americans for Prosperity.  Well, they are either got a right-wing plant to pose as a teacher, or they cleverly edited this lady’s words to make her look bad.

Because teachers are underpaid and underappreciated.  And taxpayers rightwingers are bleep-holes.

MANDATORY DISCLAIMER:  No, I do not think this lady represents the view of all teachers, and I do not think all teachers are overpaid and overvalued.

Election Day Motivation, Part 3: Rage and Vitriol in Virginia

Ah, that would be Tea Party rage and vitriol, no?


The irony of the second guy’s tirade is breathtaking:  “These people are BIGOTS!  They hate blacks!  They hate Jews!  They hate Muslims!  They’re hate mongers!”

You know what?  This doesn’t even make me feel angry towards those two men.  It just makes me feel sad, mostly.  Sad for them, and the way their minds have closed.  Sad for me, and the way I am condemned just because I don’t trust big government.

My anger is directed at those who have sold this lie, time and time again.  I hate liars.

Found via Ed Driscoll’s Trip Down Memory Lane, and also at the Washington Examiner.