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The Really Real Final Installment of My Stewart Rally Posts

Zo’s “Restoring Sanity” experience:

The best part is the “jumping rope with a Muslim” coverage.  Nobody else on the web covered that part of the Rally.  Not even the left.  Latent Islamophobia, perhaps?

Also, the Louder with Crowder feller has a “Restoring Sanity” experience to share.  Hint:  it didn’t go well.

My Last Stewart Rally Post

Probably.  Well, maybe.

Do forgive my wicked fascination with the “anti-Tea Party” stuff.  Via The Blaze comes a remarkable little video done by The Second City Network at the Rally to Restore Sanity.

It brings to mind the old Man Show skit where they got women to sign a petition to stop women’s suffrage.  (That show was funny wasn’t it?)

So here you go:  Is Obama a Keynesian?  Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Rally to Restore Sanity: Aftermath and Afterthoughts

I searched high and low, and finally found photos from Midnight Blue Says, via American Power.  My computer abilities being pretty much at caveman level, I was unable to attach the photos to my post.  So, here are the links:  Overflowing Trashcan and Paper Litter.  Midnight Blue has many other photos worth viewing there, too.

Like other rallies before this one, ReasonTV was there to ask questions:

Americans for Prosperity has released an amusing video, titled Stewart-Colbert Smugapalooza:

DaTechGuy should get an award for the most succinct summation evah.

Of course, we have more on the numbers game, like it even matters.  A huge crowd arrived for both Beck’s and Stewart’s Rallies.  Fine.  The whole “my rally is bigger than yours” debate reminds me of an argument over the relative size of a man’s you-know-what.

Still, I notice that folks on the left tend to take that CBS lowball of the Beck Rally (87,000) as gospel.  Apparently, CBS more fairly assessed the Sanity Rally at 215,000.  So the more insecure among the left have a morsel of proof that their you-know-what is bigger than ours, which might make them feel a little better.

Anyway, if you are into measuring the size of . . . things, go over to Charlie Martin’s step-by-step analysis.  If you prefer the visual comparison, check out Patterico’s Pontifications.

Here’s my two cents.  I watched two hours of the Stewart Rally yesterday, and it was . . . pretty boring.  It would have been a lot better in person, wandering the crowd and enjoying the costumes and signs.  A lot of signs were funny.  I especially liked the one in the AforP video that said “Thank You For Reading My Sign.”  The bunny sign was good, too.

Folks at the Stewart Rally made signs like this because they think Tea Party people are getting bent out of shape over nothing.  I get it, and I can totally laugh at their gentle mockery of our Chicken Little tendencies.  Yep, you’ve got us pegged.  (Is our fear really that misplaced, however?  We shall see.)

But.  Don’t try to tell me that the Stewart Rally is proof that “liberals at heart really do long for reason and civility; righties at heart are all about anger and resentment.”

I mean, really?  Yes, “Christine O’Donnell Crazy Bitch Witch” is a lovely example of Liberal Civility, is it not?  How about “God Hates Bags?”  I can admit the fact that there is incivility on both sides:  yes, that includes my own.  Can you?

Here’s my final point.  I remember being informed that Beckapalooza and the Tea Party Movement are completely devoid of substance, having only resentments and empty rhetoric to fuel them.  Ostensibly, then, we are not worth much attention.

Yet, the Stewart Rally sure shows that we are garnering a lot more attention than we supposedly deserve.  A lot of effort and money was spent to counter our “empty rhetoric” and our displays of “tribal dominance.” 

Hmm.  If I call the Stewart Rally a display of tribal dominance filled with empty rhetoric, I am wrong, though.  Right?

We’ll see soon enough, me thinks.  We’ll see.

UPDATE:  Ha!  I just found, via the always-amusing feller at Fleece Me, the very best Stewart Rally coverage on the ‘net.  (Yes, it’s true.  I arrived at that conclusion using a very complex and completely objective humor-to-fact and truth-to-power rubric analysis.)

The title alone is guffaw quality:  The Rally for Ironically Detached Hipsters.  Go now, read the whole thing.  I wish I was that dang funny.

Rally to Restore Sanity Links

From the Far Left:

Huff Po:  “For the past two weeks, we’ve been documenting the Roots of the Rally To Restore Sanity, in an effort to demonstrate how, over the course of many years, the Daily Show and the Colbert Report have made a sincere and sustained effort to encourage a more sane and reasonable discourse.”

How lofty.

AlterNet:    “More young people get their news from The Daily Show than from any traditional news source. And young people are the slice of the progressive coalition said to be the least likely to turn out for next week’s mid-term elections. Stewart’s rally could be the best turn-out vehicle possible for this demographic.”

Ah, youth.  Our nation’s future.

Also, I found some utterly thorough, and thus slightly spooky, Rally info at some sort of Colbert fan blog.

From the Mainstream Left:

Hampton Roads Pilot Online:  “The vitriol and hatred toward our president and Democrats, it has become so extreme that it kind of scares me,” said Margaret Espaillat, 49, of Orlando, Fla., who’s hoping the rally will improve the political tone and galvanize Democrats.

See that?  Conservatives, libertarians and other Tea Party types are scary.  The left side is never, ever scary.

CNN:  “Make no mistake, the rally may be nonpolitical, but the left has embraced it.  James Carville told me it could give depressed Democrats a morale boost.  And the proprietor of the liberal Huffington Post is dropping a quarter of a million bucks on busing people to the rally.”

Large chunks of money from conservative sources are always proof of astroturfing.  But I’m not going to launch the same weak argument back at the left, just ‘cuz of large donations by rich people like Huffington or Winfrey.  Nope.

CBS News:  Some glaringly obvious news:  this Rally is politically charged.  (Duh.  So was Beck’s.)

From the Conservative Blogosphere and News:

At YourDaddy’s Politics, we learn who to blame if Sanity Rally attendees have uncomfortably full bladders:  the Marines! 

At Pajamas Media, they are being stonewalled.

At the Washington Examiner, we learn that Mr. Albani at Comedy Central does not have a firm grasp of freedom of speech:  “Please note, taping for television or any other filming is strictly prohibited between 3rd and 7th Street without a media credential.”  You really must click on over to the article and read Mr. Pollock’s (of PJTV) full response, but here is a good snippet:

“It does seem a bit incredulous that a rally for “reasonableness” should exclude freely based camera crews exercising their First Amendment rights to cover your attendees walking on public property.  Unless this is Prague in 1968.  And unless Comedy Central own tanks.”

Oh, sure, they get First Amendment rights all wrong.  Surely this Jon Stewart crowd gets everything else correct in politics, though.  Surely!  //sarc off//

I saved the best for last, via Instapundit:

“I look forward to Stewart saying, on November 3, on his show, that the Democrats lost in large numbers because ‘America is insane.'”

Me too.

You can watch the Rally live here.  Live blogging of the Rally is over at the New York Times

Go ahead, have a peek.  Enjoy all the amusing but meaningless Snark Signs.  My personal favorite so far:    “No one likes paying taxes. What makes you so special?”

Gee, I dunno.  Maybe knowing this:

“An unlimited power to tax involves, necessarily, a power to destroy; because there is a limit beyond which no institution and no property can bear taxation.”

John Marshall, McCullough v. Maryland, 1819
Hear that?  There is a limit.  We have reached it.
UPDATE:  Jim Treacher is liveblogging here.
UPDATE at 2pm:  Ah yes, the numbers game begins.  Mediaite sounds reasonable enough.  Really.  American Power is disproving the notion of the unreasonable right with this post and quote:  “The crowd is huge.”
I found a genuinely funny sign on Twitter, too:

Restoring Sanity Rally: Attend, or Skip It?

Hubby comes home from a three-week underway period today. (yay!)

I’ve been preparing a “let’s take the boys to D.C. this weekend, it’ll be great!” pitch, so that I could see Jon Stewart’s Anti-Restoring-Honor-Rally-Rally for myself.  I’ve imagined walking the same route and taking photos from the same spots I did on August 28th.

Alas, it is not to be.  An inspection of the FAQ section of The Official Sanity Website reveals that the Restoring Sanity Rally will take place on the far eastern end of the National Mall between 3rd Street and 7th Street, known as East Seaton Park and Henry Park.

That spot is directly opposite from the site of both the Restoring Honor Rally and the One Nation Rally.  Thus, no direct comparison photos (like we have of 8/28 and 10/02) will be possible.


Our weekends together as a family are a rare and precious commodity, the scarcity of which will skyrocket in the new year.  Do I spend this one traipsing up I-95, children in tow, three hours each way, in order to view this Jon-Stewart-is-my-political-guru crowd firsthand?

Please, do share your opinion, if you have one. 

The Opinion That Counts Most will disembark this afternoon, so we’ll see . . .

UPDATE:  Well.  He has duty on Saturday.  In other words, we ain’t goin’ nowhere.