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Estate 44 Is No Longer With Us

Aw, man!  After a few short weeks, Estate 44 has shut down its Posterous blog site, its Twitter account, and its YouTube Channel.  I had posted about this mystery site back in September

What happened to it?  Back on 06 September, the Tea Party Tracker tweeted to Estate 44, just one minute after Estate 44 sent out its first tweet, so it seems like they were related somehow.

Strange.  Today, the Tea Party Tracker’s Twitter timeline says their most recent tweet occurred on 30 August.  What happened to the 06 September tweet to Estate 44?

The only proof I have of this Estate 44 is a saved “mhtml” file, so here is a screen cap from that:

It started out mysterioso, and ended mysterioso.  Rest in peace, Estate 44.

Yet Another Anti-Tea Party Site

Gosh, just a week (ish) ago I asked, “isn’t this the definition of insanity?”  In that post, I listed eight “anti-Tea Party” sites that have been cropping up ever since, well, the Tea Party itself cropped up.

I have found number nine!

This one is called Estate 44.  It’s very mysterioso. 

There is also a YouTube Channel, with three videos of the same material found at the website.  As of right now, the vids have been viewed dozens of times. 

Interestingly, the Estate 44 profile states that it/they/he/she joined in May of 2010, but the videos are only a week old.  Also, the tweets didn’t start 06 September.  The Tea Party Tracker was the first to tweet back, one minute later.  (Did I use the lingo right?  I so do not get Twitter.)

Any of you more learn-ed types know from where the name “Estate 44” derives?  I haven’t the foggiest.

Nor do I know who runs this site, or whose Facebook posts they are publishing.  The site operator blurs out personal information, to keep from embarrassing people. 

That’s so nice.  

Sure, the site was developed for the single purpose of smearing a large swathe of the American public as crazy, bigoted, and raaaacist. 

But they don’t want to embarrass anybody.

I’ve been scanning through some of Estate 44’s juicy finds, but I haven’t seen anything or anyone I recognize yet.

Tell you what.  If I see any of my very own crazy, raaaaacist posts on that site, I’ll link to it and confess that it is mine.

So watch yerselves!  Big Brother is out there, pretending to be your FBFF (Facebook Friend Forever).  Keep all that birfer and New World Order stuff tighter to your chest, my peoples! 

Or our collective insanity will be FOUND OUT.

Who’s behind Estate 44, anyway?  Probably . . .the President himself! I bet he’s the one running Estate 44.

Maybe the First Lady.

Or at least Cass Sunstein . . .