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For Some Reason I’m Smiling Now

I think it’s because I have a truly twisted sense of humor, and I heard this song in the van:

Then I read some of my blog buddies.  Some were gutted, some were more resigned, and some were mercifully zen about the whole thing.  All helped me get my own emotional response under control.

I liked what Jim Fister said most of all:

What the heck, it’s all God’s will, and I’m saved through the Lord, Jesus Christ.  I can’t forget that.

So, yeah.  Times like this, faith sure comes in handy.

Do me some favors folks.  Don’t get mad about my poor taste in humor.  Or at least don’t tell me if you do get mad.  Whistling in the dark is just one of my natural defense mechanisms.

Also, please click over and visit all the bloggers I’ve linked here, and comment on their posts.  We could all use a little company, a little extra cheer today.

If Revenge is a Winning Campaign Platform

. . . then we are losing the culture war far worse than I realized.

I see a lot of “we’ll keep fighting” tweets on my Twitter feed.  Lovely sentiments from tireless patriots.

Many conservative civilians see the 2012 election as just another battle in the never-ending political war.  They are moving on, setting their sights on the bigger picture.  I am grateful for that tenacity, for their imperviousness to the affects of this defeat.

I don’t share the sentiment though.

I am Milspouse.  The president is my husband’s boss.

This election, and every election, effects us all, yes.  Very yes.  The military is exhibit numero uno, and I’m not even talking about the budgetary effects (hello sequestration).  I’m talking about the effect on morale.

The effect is huge–beyond description, which is saying a lot for a gal who loves describing things.  I’ve seen it firsthand, the way morale swings on a dime–well, really on a change-of-command ceremony.

This effect on morale translates into a very immediate change for the NoOne family.  Today, we go from “maybe you can stay in for the long haul and shoot for that extra promotion” to “maybe you can get to the bare minimum and punch out.”

Maybe Hubs can get to the bare minimum–if his conscience, political correctness, and budget cuts don’t interfere.


Even if he does, will the federal government be solvent enough to make good on the retirement benefits it promised?

I dunno.

In the meantime, all I can think about are the years when we didn’t establish roots.  We didn’t become part of a community.  We didn’t help a church grow.  We didn’t make improvements on real estate.  We didn’t learn how to grow a garden and preserve the fruits.  We didn’t protect our interests.  We put the nation’s interest before our own.

How much longer can we do that?  I sure can’t keep fighting for the big picture after Obama’s reelection.  The smaller picture–my family’s future–is weightier.  My posts will probably reflect this shift in priorities.

The establishment of roots.  Preservation and protection of assets.  Education of my children.  These are the priorities now.  The fair citizens of Idiocracy can water their crops with sports drinks, for all I care.

A hiatus is probably in order.

I’m not quitting.

Just refocusing.

Best wishes and prayers for all my readers.

The Top Ten Reasons To Vote For Obama 2012

I’ve limited my list to only those reasons stated by Obama’s official campaign, an administration spokesperson, or uttered by President Obama himself.

Here we go.

10.  Will Ferrell will eat anything (“garbage, hair, human toenails”) if you vote for Obama.  The idea of using your civic duty to pay for the degradation of a fellow man is funny, right?

9.   Mitt Romney wants to cut investments in alternative energy.  For this reason to make sense, then cutting investments in alternative energy must be a bad thing.  Nevermind the fact that cronies are wasting other people’s money; you have to think like a true believer here.

8.  President Obama coined the term “Romnesia,” which is both witty and devastating for Mitt Romney, because he forgets things.  President Obama doesn’t forget things.  Except maybe this or this . . . or this.  Also, it appears Obama didn’t coin the term after all.  Hmm, maybe I should move on.

7.  Who can forget Attack Waaaaatch?  Okay, technically the campaign used only one “a” for this nifty little idea to tattle on fellow citizens who criticize the President.  Nowadays, though, the parody is all that is left of the original website.  The more congenial “Truth Team” has replaced it, leaving only the website address as a reminder of bolder times.

6. Obama says you should vote for him for one very simple reason:  revenge.  I’m sure this is not an attempt to foment class resentment or anything.  It’s not class warfare, it’s math.  Revenge math.

Hoo, I’m halfway through already?  It must be time to list the really substantive reasons why President Obama should be reelected . . .

5.  All vaginas and uteri depend on Barack Obama.  Maybe this notion sounds silly to you.  If so, let me explain its true meaning:  President Obama is zealously pro-business, assuming your business is an abortion clinic.

4.  If this election is your first, then you should vote for Barack Obama because your first vote is a lot like the first time you have sex.  And having sex with Obama is better than having sex with Mitt Romney.  Okay.  I need a shower now.

3.  Obama should get your vote because his speeches come from his loins.  Ew, I’m still needing that shower.  Maybe . . . this isn’t really a reference to presidential genitals.  I mean, who talks about loins anyway, outside a cheesy romance novel?  You know, “Girding your loins” means preparing for the worst.  I think Axelrod accidentally telegraphed the fact that Obama is preparing to lose.

2.  Obama is willing to use expletives while publicly name-calling his opponent.  This is a great reason for the edgy, Rolling Stone-reading, first-time voting, rock-and-roll-lifestyling set to choose Obama, assuming they weren’t all won over by Lena Dunham’s sex joke.

Oh dear.  I have more than one reason left, but I’ve already reached the number one.  What to do, what to do?  Math is so hard.

The three number one reasons to vote for Obama:

1(a).  The beautiful people have told us to vote for him.  They have way more fashion sense than we do, you know.

1(b).  Osama bin Ladin is still dead.

1(c).  Obama says that Al Qaeda has been “decimated.”  Given the chance, Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glenn Doherty, and Sean Smith might have begged to differ on this.  Prayers for their grieving loved ones.

Two more days to go, folks.  Two.  More.  Days.

cross-posted at Disrupt The Narrative.

This Just In! Will Ferrell is Funny!

Why this fact translates into a reason to vote for Obama . . . well I haven’t quite figured out the logic.  Maybe you can help me?


The Dustbin of History

I write too often about the state of American education.  As a homeschooling school system drop-out, my opinion is jaded to say the least–and well likely to annoy a strong percentage of readers.

But I can’t help myself.

Tonight’s post is inspired by the truly adorable nine-year-old Brandon.  Perhaps you’ve seen his interview:

This kid, man.  He is cute.  I like his smile, and I want to pinch his cheeks.  Perhaps, he is not a good example of why I homeschool.  After all, he is much more likely to have absorbed that “we’ll be goin’ back to the crop fields” opinion from home than from the classroom.

Still, though, his family got that opinion from somewhere.  Why would tender, loving parents want to spread this kind of racial poison to their child?

This question brings me back to the state of American education.

Brandon’s dad may have been taught like I was in 8th grade social studies:  liberals are generous, and conservatives are stingy.  We seem fairly close in age.  Perhaps he suffers from the problem explained in The Dustbin of History:

“Are young people distracted and uninterested in the process that created their environment? Probably not. The system of education in the U.S. is the culprit. Numbing lectures and political propaganda disguised as textbooks have deadened learning since the mid-70s, instigated by education radicals who appropriated the class room to peddle a new version of human events based on jargon and utopian claptrap.”

Deadened learning.  These words perfectly describe my usual feelings about history.  Only recently have I begun to realize history’s importance.  Living in the United Kingdom was key.  There, a typically too-narrow bridge was mostly annoying, but it was built by monks eight hundred years ago.  When I learned this fact, I felt more awe than annoyance.

Americans aren’t taught history anymore.  Not in public school.  History has been diluted and julianned until it consists of an entirely unpalatable conglomeration of sterile facts, dates, and labels.  One can argue until blue in the face about whether the public school system is effectively educating its students, but I know better.

I am a product of this system.  I know first-hand that it does not effectively educate.  History is presented in the most sterile and forgettable formula possible. I learned the only logical thing that stems from such curricula:  history is boring and pointless:

“two generations of young Americans have lost interest in their own culture – and have difficulty grasping world events, just at the moment globalization has altered human existence. Soon no one will care, and America will continue its own journey to the dustbin of history.”

Hopefully, the part about American’s journey into the dustbin of history is quite reversable.  We’ll see, come Tuesday.  Four more days to go.

This Just In: Deer In Headlights Manages Feeble Post

When did I post last?

Oh yeah.  It’s been awhile.

This close to the election, I find myself entirely unable to wax eloquent on the current state of politics.  It’s the suspense, guys.  It’s killing me.

If November 7th were a crabby patty, this SpongeBob clip would illustrate perfectly:

Also, I don’t want to get cocky, and invoke the terrible power of Murphy’s Law.

Things are looking more positive-ish for Romney these days, and I’ll just leave it at that.


No clever or entertaining writing from me tonight, folks.  Sorry.  I just can’t stop scanning the Tweets and the Drudge until my eyes are bloodshot and even the dog gives up on me and goes upstairs to bed.

If you are in the mood for good reading, here’s some great stuff from Kevin D. Williamson about homeschooling.

Goodnight all.

On the Campaign Trail: Romney in St. Petersburg

I managed to Kramer my way to a front row spot at Romney’s St. Petersburg Victory Rally.  The crowd was large and cheerful.  Whether this translates into a Romney win, of course, remains to be seen.

Anyway, here are some images from this hot, hours-long quest for a fifteen minute speech.

I love the expression on Mitt’s face as he listens to his wife.

I’m in the news!  Check out the photo at this link.  See the guy with the tricornered hat?  See the swathe of hair behind his camera?  That’s me!  We are all poised right before Mitt Romney took the stage.  I remember bending down low so that the folks behind me might be able to take pictures themselves.  I’m so dang polite.

Have a great weekend evr-body.

UPDATE:  Embarrassingly, a second look at the linked photo leads me to believe I was in error.  That swathe of hair belongs to the 11-year-old boy next to me.  I should have realized it was too brunette and not pulled back the way my hair was that day.  When I saw the familiar folks like Mr. Tricornered Hat, I reckon I saw what I wanted, instead of what really was.

That’s my camera being held out, though.  Pretty sure, anyway.