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Top 25 Political Moms Contest–UPDATED

The Lonely Conservative has just taken the lead!

Thanks everyone for pitching in!  Mrs. LC herself has the rundown:

Our Army of Davids has been joining in to help us out, including: iOTW, The Other McCain, Blazing Cat Fur, The Camp of the Saints, DBKP, Conservative Hideout, The Pirate’s Cove, Ex-Con’s View, Maggie’s Notebook, and Moonbattery. Zilla, who is still trying to overcome her illness, has also written about the importance of this contest. (She’s moved up to 4th place.) But none of that does any good if all of you don’t take just a few minutes to click this link and vote for us. You don’t need to sign up. You don’t need to register. All you have to do is click the “vote” button next to each conservative blogging mom, or whichever is your favorite.

Plus some additions which Karen has updated:

Update: King Shamus has joined our quest [self-censorship here]

Update: Thanks to the First Street Journal for joining in! I love conservative bloggers, and all of our readers, too!

I think Karen is absolutely right:  it’s not about competition for competition’s sake.  The goal is to demonstrate that conservatives are the majority, and we are no longer silent.  We are no longer content with letting the political landscape lean further and further left, until “Very, very leftist” defines the typical Democrat.

“Very, very leftist” does not define the typical Democrat.

“Racist and fascist” does not define Pamela Geller, nor any of the rest of us conservative mommies.

We may not convert any of those self-proclaimed Commie Mommies” to our cause, but we can remind all other internet users that The Left does not have mainstream views.  We can remind Americans from all points on our political spectrum one simple fact:  “commie” is not a label to wear proudly.

Go vote for as many of us as you fancy!  Every 24 hours for the next three days!  See if you can get Edge of the Sandbox in the top 25.  Oh, yeah, and me too.

UPDATE:  Thanks for your help, Looking Spoon and Three Beers Later!

UPDATE #2:  As of 10:13 pm Central time, Sunday evening, Monologues of Dissent has retaken the lead.  Please do spread the word and we’ll hope for the best out of this neck-and-neck race.

UPDATE #3:  As of Tuesday afternoon, The Lonely Conservative once again has the lead.  Thanks for your help with this fun competition, Jen Kuznicki.  I’ve been voting for you, too, even though you are kicking my butt out of the top 25.  Ha ha!

FINAL UPDATE:  The link to Lonely Conservative’s quotes above is no longer available.  Perhaps the best thing to do is a bit of self-censorship, and a disclaimer, in an effort to avoid mandated censorship.

DISCLAIMER:  The above-quoted label “commie mommy” was found at the links embedded within.  At those links, as well as others, this label was used by the potentially offended persons to describe themselves.  This blogger makes no accusation as to whether these persons’ political beliefs are empirically leftist enough to be labelled as communist.  This blogger merely questions the wisdom of choosing this label to describe oneself.

Chirping Away (UPDATED)

Meghan McCain is perhaps the single best example of a person who speaks with the authority of an expert but the comprehension of a, well . . . .

Perhaps you can fill in the blank for me.

I really dig the way Yos at Si Vic Pacem puts it, but if I quote him/her (which are you, Yos?), then I’ll have stolen the whole post.  So you’ll have to click over.

Anyhoo, Breitbart has Ms. McCain’s latest video clip in all its full glory.  It’s good for a laugh, in and of itself.  It also sets up nicely the following Sharp Elbows and Dana Loesch fisking. 

“Look at me on the elephant!”

Snort.  I’d say more, but Dana does a better job:

UPDATE:  It’s a boy!  Thanks for taking the time to comment here, Mr. Yos.  Yeah, my hubs is pretty bald manly too.