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Chirping Away (UPDATED)

Meghan McCain is perhaps the single best example of a person who speaks with the authority of an expert but the comprehension of a, well . . . .

Perhaps you can fill in the blank for me.

I really dig the way Yos at Si Vic Pacem puts it, but if I quote him/her (which are you, Yos?), then I’ll have stolen the whole post.  So you’ll have to click over.

Anyhoo, Breitbart has Ms. McCain’s latest video clip in all its full glory.  It’s good for a laugh, in and of itself.  It also sets up nicely the following Sharp Elbows and Dana Loesch fisking. 

“Look at me on the elephant!”

Snort.  I’d say more, but Dana does a better job:

UPDATE:  It’s a boy!  Thanks for taking the time to comment here, Mr. Yos.  Yeah, my hubs is pretty bald manly too.