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An Article Full of Fail

How so?  You may ask.

Let’s start with the title.

Obama: Romney would take health care back to 1950s

Even though I have no actual experience with the 1950s, my first thought is:  would that be bad?

Let’s assume that Obama is not claiming Romney would outlaw all medical breakthroughs discovered since 1959.  To assume otherwise wouldn’t be reasonable.  (Or would it?)

Also, to be fair, I am ignorant of the Bad Stuff (other than the Korean War) that happened in the 1950s.  So I may not be a good judge.  If, for example, the President had said, “Romney would take energy back to the 1970s,” well if taken at face value I would say, yikes.  That Romney fellow is no good!

But the 1950s?  Weren’t those the post-WWII boom years?  What’s wrong with going back to that?  In the ideal world, maybe we could go back to the pre-WWII era of health insurance.  (P.S. I can’t believe I just linked to an article co-authored by Ezekiel Emanuel.)

Let’s move on from the title, and look at the first sentence of this article.  “. . . Republicans would seek to strip away health care benefits for [women] and cut funding for contraceptive services.”

Surely this sentence suffers from a typo.  In order to be accurate, it should read like this:  “Republicans would seek to strip away health care benefits for [women] by cutting funding for contraceptive services.”

Ah, those slippery collectivists nowadays feel no embarrassment when their one concrete–albeit ridiculous–example is the only evidence available of a long list of alleged wrongdoing.  By the way, who is supposed to fund the contraceptives, and thus be responsible cutting the funding?  I thought those evil Catholic churches were supposed to do it.  How would Romney be in control of them in this wonderful nation which separates Church and State?

Nevermind.  On to sentence number two:  “Obama sought to draw a stark contrast with presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney, saying his rival intended to take his health care law and ‘kill it dead’ on the first day of his presidency and ‘get rid’ of Planned Parenthood.”

Ooh, looks like a case of projection here.  Perhaps the Left’s feelings on unborn children (“kill it dead,” “get rid”) are to blame?

Sentence number three is a doozy:  “They want to take us back to the policies more suited to the 1950s than the 21st century,’ Obama said, arguing that the decisions affecting a woman’s health are ‘not up to politicians, they’re not up to insurance companies, they’re up to you.’

Ugh.  I’m sorry.  Did Mr. Single-Payer-Universal-Healthcare-Coverage just try to say that a woman’s healthcare decision is up to her?  And not up to the provider?  Because when a government-mandated monopoly provides the service, well it won’t have any opinion on what must be provided . . . will it?


Okay, at this point I have to skip a few sentences so fluffy and boring that they don’t even warrant fisking.

Here’s the next quote screaming for clarification:  “Obama said women’s issues resonated with him because of his wife, first lady Michelle Obama, and his late mother.  The president said he wanted to ensure that Mrs. Obama ‘has control over her health care choices’ and noted that his mother would have been 70 this year had she not died from cancer nearly two decades ago.”

Clearly his wife and mother make women’s issues “resonate” with Obama.  Because his wife and mother are women.

How exactly does empathy with females make you a better candidate?

Oh yeah.  It doesn’t.  Especially when spouses have expensive habits.  That’s why Obama must rely on the debunked claim that his mother’s death was caused by the failure of an insurance company.

(P.S.  Debunked = Fail.)

Now we get to the really meaty part of the article’s failure:  “The president was introduced by Sandra Fluke . . . . Fluke gained notoriety after conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh called her a slut because she supports the Obama health care law’s requirement that insurance companies cover contraception.”

I love this particular bit of journalistic fail because it admits the larger failure of the leftist powers-that-be:  without conservative attention, darlings of the left like Fluke would remain unnoticed.

Seriously. Look at the quote.  The article is AP, and it plainly doesn’t state that Fluke gained notoriety by being an advocate of reproductive justice.  Or that she gained notoriety by speaking in Congress.  She gained notoriety by getting called a slut by Rush Limbaugh.  Still, the dunces of the left actually thought this transgression would shut Limbaugh down.

Whew.  No more fisking.  The hour has grown late.  Here’s the article if you’d like to deconstruct the rest.  Greg Gutfeld artfully concludes this post, by juxtapositioning Sandra Fluke with Rachel of the viral Chick-fil-A video featuring that chucklehead who got himself fired.

Totally worth your precious viewing minutes.  And if that’s not enough Leftist Failure to satisfy your appetite, try the offerings at Twitchy:  #Obedience!


On the Lighter Side

The other day, the 4th grade curriculum covered latitude and longitude, and the lesson devolved into a game of “Put Us Somewhere Random!”  We would take turns picking a number between 0 and 90, then North or South, then a number between 0 and 180, and finally East or West.  Then we’d find the coordinates on our inflatable globe.

I fared worst, earning the title “shark bait” with coordinates within the deep Atlantic or Pacific Oceans.  Younger son get closer to land, but still managed to put us in danger of getting killed by Somali pirates.  Older son adeptly put us on dry land:  the barren lands of Greenland and Siberia, that is.

Later in the game, I started putting the coordinates into Google Earth.  Buckle up and get ready for a ride, I told them before hitting “search.”  The dizzying effect of this program produced giggles and squeals.

Younger son put us off the coast of the Falkland Islands, and I started clicking on all the photo pins for that area.  The Falklands are beautiful, and reminiscent of Scotland’s Outer Hebrides.  One photographer in particular posted a ton of breathtaking images, and in the middle of all this breathtaking beauty was this:

Hee hee! I Sneakin In Yur Pitcher!

Bad Bad Blogger

Sorry for my lack of internet activity.  I’m still here, and reminiscing about England a bit.  This week, the homeschool curriculum included the story of The Sword in the Stone, and I’m all like, King Arthur!  We went to his castle!  Do you remember Merlin’s Cave?!

I got blank stares.

Argh, the boys were too young to retain memory of the things they saw, the culture they absorbed.  (Both do, however, retain an uncanny ability to fake the British accent, and both remember Peppa Pig and the Jimmer Jammers.  Does that count as culture?)

Tintagel is the name of the village purported to be Arthur’s birthplace, a right pretty little spot.  Of course, most UK villages are right pretty little spots.

I really miss those villages, as well as the cheeses named after them:  Stilton, Wensleydale, Davidstow . . . .  The Brits are dead serious about their cheese, as this macho marketing strategy can attest: 

In America, one must look to Axe and Old Spice ads for similar imagery.

Okay, enough rambling.  I fully intend to make the rounds soon, and see what fellow bloggers are sharing.  I also intend to write more substantive posts.  Maybe even get a chapter of that novel written /sarc/.

Ya’ll have a great week.

You've gotta park somewhere

Sunday, Linky Sunday

“Cleaning house” on my blog is easier than cleaning the really real house. 

Speaking of which, here is our new place on base post:

Home is where the Navy sends you

I’m learning the terrain and starting to get my bearings.  Leavenworth County has a home school service that I’m excited to stumble upon.  All Slabbed Up is the place to go for an entirely euphoric meat coma.  Folks at the Cushing Memorial Hospital ER are real nice, and while the application of dermabond does sting, it is still better than a shot (so saith the younger son). 

On to the links:
Donald Sensing has shared a slogan T-shirt that sums up my entire political philosophy.
Mayrant and Rave has another example of our President’s disdain for the rule of law.  Also, a pleasingly phonetic new acronym:  CWTSYGO.  (I can’t wait, either.)
PJMom reminds us how bad the education system has become, and she explains one of the reasons why:  Howard Zinn.
Daniel Hannan gave another great mini-speech in the European Parliament:  castles made of sand melt into the sea.
Via the Autonomous Mind, an amusing gun joke.
Via the comment section of The Conservative Hideout comes the discovery of another great blog.  Don’t let the name scare you off:  Hookers and Booze.  (Hmm.  Actually, a fair number of you will be attracted by the title, won’t you?)
Please be sure to read Samuel L. Jackson, You’re My Only Hope.  Comedic genius lies therein.  I’m almost jealous enough to buy a pet snake for my family, in the hope that similar humor will ensue.
This link is a bit old for blogospheric standards, but I don’t care.  If you are already aware of my weakness for trolls, then you know why I love Brian’s Story:  Portrait of a Liberal Troll.
Speaking of old, go help celebrate IMAO’s 9th Anniversary.  Wow.   I can only hope for such longevity.  (How old is that in blogospheric years?  Like, 108?)
I’ll end with some good news:  South Sudan achieves nation status.
That’s all I’ve got today.  So much other good stuff abounds.  Take a stroll thru my blogroll, ifn you’ve got the time. 

On Royal Weddings

Diana’s royal wedding provoked nothing more in me than a mild puzzlement at the length of her train.  I was ten, what did I care? 

Now that I’m forty my reaction has matured, evolved . . . into a serious stupefaction at the sight of those hats.


And the daughters of Prince Andrew and Princess Sarah . . . oh dear, shall I admit it?  When I saw the photo over at Innocent Bystanders, here’s the first thing that came to mind:


I know, I know, I’m really mean.  But they are grown women, right?  They did choose their attire?  Who among you cannot see the similarity?  Well, except the cartoon hair accessories are less ridiculous.

In a futile attempt to make this post seem less catty, I’m not embedding the photo.  Hop over to Innocent Bystanders to see.

Really, I’m sure they are lovely young women.  The attire is the sole subject of my derision, not the humans beneath.

I love you too, Rand Paul


Ah, unrequited love.

Or is it?

For those without eight minutes to spare, here is an important bit:

“We are not yet serious in Washington.  We have not yet here recognized the severity, the enormity, and the significance of how big this deficit is.  This deficit is going to have serious repercussions.  The Chinese have bought over a trillion dollars of our debt.  The Japanese nearly a trillion . . . Can they continue to buy our debt?  The other question is, how long can a government continue to exist that spends more than it brings in?”

I’m pretty sure that Rand Paul just said he loves me.  Me, the Tea Party.  Me, the average Jane.  Me, the dummy who’s fool enough to moan about the debt, the deficit, the overspending and blah blah blah whatever.

He loves me!  He does!  I’m not just some one night stand to be ignored.

Don’t make me boil the bunny, Rand.


The People’s Republic of China.  I don’t give ’em much thought.  But China keeps popping up lately, so I’m gonna share this stuff in a really shoddy, stream-of-consciousness-style post.

China Item #1:  My older is building a model of The Great Wall for Multicultural Day at school.  Someone Who Shall Remain Nameless had this to say:  “Well, who’s making the model of the forced labor camps?”

Yeah, yeah, I know.  But I mean, you know.  The Great Wall is one of the wonders of the world, so there’s no harm in learning about it.  Actually, more’s the harm in the way a school will micromanage your time by dictating that your child accomplish time-intensive, yet mostly-useless projects which cannot be completed without serious parental intervention.

I could write a book on the harm in that.

Turns out that The Great Wall was mostly accomplished through forced labor anyway, so . . . our son is making the model of a forced labor camp.

China Item #2:  Via Pileus comes news that the Chinese government recently restricted the use of time travel on TV shows.  I guess they won’t be showing Back to the Future on Chinese TV anytime soon . . .

Although this type of “guideline” might have prevented some of the worst Star Trek plots from surfacing, you gotta wonder what the Orwellian Chinese State Administration for Radio, Film & Television was thinking on this one.

Obviously, they were thinking about how much they hate that weird time loop thing that inevitably occurs in a time travel plot–you know, the past ends up as contingent on the future as the future is on the past, and your linear-minded brain just has to deal with it.

China Item #3:  Via Insty comes news that the Chinese real estate bubble may be popping.  After watching this video at By Design’s place a couple of weeks ago, I am hardly surprised:

The experts and the central planners will sort out an economy quite nicely, will they not?