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Assessment of Danger?

We don’t need no stinkin’ assessment of danger!

“I looked at your report. All I found was anecdotal evidence. I think if I would have done my dissertation or my report, I would have got an F. Don’t you think anybody that would render this as a Ph.D. would have gotten an F in the report?”

Wow, such a low view of generals who led the United States Army.  You’d almost think Mr. Cuellar dislikes the military.

Bet those generals don’t like him, either.  I can’t say for sure, seein’ as they keep their emotions in check.  Funny how, once a guy’s been shot at a few times, insult-slinging doesn’t cause much sweat. 

All this over an assessment of our border with Mexico.  Hmpf.  Just ask the people who live there.

I can’t seem to embed the video.  Do click over to Breitbart or Fox for the generals’ responses.

Using The Right Words Will Change Reality . . . Right?

Isn’t that what Newspeak is all about?

Here’s a big example:  the President’s words in Cairo were supposed to herald a new era for relations between the United States and Islamic people worldwide. 

Joe Scarborough thinks the Egyptian revolt may be proof that the President’s speech worked, as hoped, thusly changing reality for the better in Egypt.  Hmm.  Seems a bit tenuous.  I’m wondering if people being, you know, sick of an oppressive regime that tortures opponents, had more to do with it . . . .

Now, on to the miniscule example.  The following video illustrates just how committed the left is to the concept of newspeak.  Right down to some stupid paper-and-plywood sign in the middle of nowhere.

So.  Is that Arizona rabble rouser, Governor Brewer, using your own federal sign against you?

Change the sign!  See?  No more border trouble here!

I can’t help but wonder how the sign actually got changed.  At what level in the bureaucracy did it get noticed?  How many memos, emails, and discussions resulted?  Did these folks believe this change was substantively necessary?  Or did they realize it’s just a political ploy?

I drive myself crazy with questions like this.