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Time for a Random Link Post

. . . because my essays are not coming together lately.

Via Chicks On The Right . . . could it be?  Our very own Congress wants to go all Magyar on us?

“Capitol Hill politicians are assessing tax changes that could let the Internal  Revenue Service lay claim to a portion of the $18 trillion sitting in 401(k)  accounts and other tax breaks used by middle-class workers, including cutting  the mortgage tax deduction.”

Doug Ross says it all:  “I love the term ‘tax breaks,’ don’t you?  As if it’s the government’s money, and not yours.”

I’m suddenly reminded.  Once, I shared a worry about the federal government changing taxation rules for the Roth IRA.  Most folks on a particular investment website comment string scoffed at me.  Scoffed!

So, okay.  Let’s punish the most responsible among us.  Isn’t that what it is?  Just like student loan forgiveness, which would be fair only if students who paid for their education up front were given the same amount of money as the folks who went into debt.

Moving right along . . .

Let’s talk about defining a family.  I know, the whole “Dad, Mom, and kids” thing is so restrictive.  Flexibility would be best, no?  No.  Teaching My Two packs a punch:

“This is what happens when we start tinkering with a STRUCTURE that has been in place and worked for thousands of years.  When we embark in a DIY . . . it all comes crashing down on us, sooner or later.  And the children are the ones who get crushed.”

Read the whole thing.

Say that reminds me.  As long as we are talking about kids . . . did any of you have friends who went ape-sh*t about the “GOP rape of women” via state law requiring an ultrasound before abortion?

I did.

All I could say was, well, the ultrasound wand-thingy is no more invasive than the abortion the woman is seeking.  Which is true, but . . .

Apparently, the ultrasound is not only “no more invasive.”  It is also something the abortionist does anyway.

Hear that?

The ultrasound is something the abortionist does anyway.  Put that in your Handmaid‘s pipe and smoke it.

Next, I might as well broach the subject of that awful Allen West and his awful defamation of the Progressive Caucus by calling them communists . . .

What? Yes, it’s true:  only one of them got a lifetime achievement award from the Communist Party.  Surely the other 77-80 have no beliefs congruent with communism . . .

Or not.

On the more positive side of things . . . if the WORM can warm up to Mitt Romney, then perhaps anything is possible.  Well, by “anything is possible,” I don’t mean the preservation of our union or anything drastic, mind, but at least the type of anything we don’t really expect anymore, and that type of anything is better than no type of anything . . .



Meet the Rogue Operator

Have you guys run into this blogger yet?  If not, pay a visit and behold some serious awesomeness.  Yep, Big ‘Ol Blogger Me is once again wielding her tremendous blogospheric sway over tens–nay, teens– of readers.  Insta . . . trickle?

The analysis in Oslo Killer Ruffles Feathers in Ostrichotopia is top-notch.  Here is a snippet to get your interest piqued:

“The problem . . . is that the left is intentionally provoking reaction with its classic pushiness and government overreach.  There literally are no bounds to leftism as a ‘freedom-clearing’ destructive force, and cultural marxism has worn down its resistors with political correctness, multiculturalism, and moral relativism.  Cultural marxism has caused two interrelated phenomena to occur and both are explosive.”

 My favorite posts so far, however, are the satirical ones:  Democrats Propose National “War on Death” and America Under Siege by an Axis of Stupidity.

Good stuff.

Hopefully I’ll generate some good stuff of my own soon.  Right now, the summer sun is interfering with my LCD tan in a major way.  Darn kids, with their swimming and biking and cavorting.  And have I mentioned how Sussie’s frequent vet visits have resumed?  Stupid dog glaucoma.

In the meantime, just remember:  link love pads the blog.

Sunday, Linky Sunday

“Cleaning house” on my blog is easier than cleaning the really real house. 

Speaking of which, here is our new place on base post:

Home is where the Navy sends you

I’m learning the terrain and starting to get my bearings.  Leavenworth County has a home school service that I’m excited to stumble upon.  All Slabbed Up is the place to go for an entirely euphoric meat coma.  Folks at the Cushing Memorial Hospital ER are real nice, and while the application of dermabond does sting, it is still better than a shot (so saith the younger son). 

On to the links:
Donald Sensing has shared a slogan T-shirt that sums up my entire political philosophy.
Mayrant and Rave has another example of our President’s disdain for the rule of law.  Also, a pleasingly phonetic new acronym:  CWTSYGO.  (I can’t wait, either.)
PJMom reminds us how bad the education system has become, and she explains one of the reasons why:  Howard Zinn.
Daniel Hannan gave another great mini-speech in the European Parliament:  castles made of sand melt into the sea.
Via the Autonomous Mind, an amusing gun joke.
Via the comment section of The Conservative Hideout comes the discovery of another great blog.  Don’t let the name scare you off:  Hookers and Booze.  (Hmm.  Actually, a fair number of you will be attracted by the title, won’t you?)
Please be sure to read Samuel L. Jackson, You’re My Only Hope.  Comedic genius lies therein.  I’m almost jealous enough to buy a pet snake for my family, in the hope that similar humor will ensue.
This link is a bit old for blogospheric standards, but I don’t care.  If you are already aware of my weakness for trolls, then you know why I love Brian’s Story:  Portrait of a Liberal Troll.
Speaking of old, go help celebrate IMAO’s 9th Anniversary.  Wow.   I can only hope for such longevity.  (How old is that in blogospheric years?  Like, 108?)
I’ll end with some good news:  South Sudan achieves nation status.
That’s all I’ve got today.  So much other good stuff abounds.  Take a stroll thru my blogroll, ifn you’ve got the time. 

Cherry On Top Award

Several weeks ago, I ran into another awesome blog, An American Housewife In London.  Now, we all know that an endless stream of awesome blogs are to be found on the interwebz.  Yet, this one really spoke to me.

By that, I mean the blogger said “hi” to me.  And boy do I like a friendly blogger.

Her site is a blend of politics and parenting–not unlike the mix found at this little internet abode.  She is a Texan living in London, which makes for lively cultural commentary.  Her view from the U.K. is especially enjoyable for me, having lived in England for three years.  As a southern American, I often found England cold, strange, and inconvenient.

Sometimes I really miss it.

Isn’t her blog name terribly clever as well?

Right now, life is particularly chaotic for The American Housewife In London, but she’s taking it in stride.  AHLondon, I hope that things smooth out soon, in wonderful ways that you never envisioned.

AHLondon also introduced me to something new:  a “Cherry On Top” award.  She chose me as one of the recipients.

My First!  Ever!  Blogging!  Award!

woooooo-hooooooooo!  /jumps up and down, pumping fists in air triumphantly/

Wait a minute . . . what?  This award involves homework?  Gee, thanks:

Answer this question:
If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you, and what would it be?
Thank the person who gave you this award.

PICK 6 people/blogs and give them this award. You then have to inform the person that they have received this award.

Actually, I am very honored.  Thank you very much for thinking I deserve the award, AH.

Now.  Let’s run through my checklist for How To Handle Homework Assignments.

First, procrastinate for as long as possible before starting?  Check.  It’s been over a month.

Second, answer difficult questions as quickly as possible.  So, my answer to ‘what would you change’ is:  nothing.  I would change nothing because I regret nothing.  Also I’m afraid of the Butterfly Effect, or something like that.

Third, use the most time on the best part of the assignment, which is assigning it to others.

Here are the six I choose.

1)  Karen Howes, who blogs at Eastern Right.  She is thought-provoking and unflinching in her opinion.  She adds lots of variation, so it’s always interesting.  For example, did you know about Weird Al’s latest?  Check it out.

My personal favorite from Karen is a post about repealing the 19th Amendment.  That’s right, taking the vote away from women.  Shocked?  If it means fewer progressives in office, then I’m totally on board.

2)  Keith DeHavelle, a.k.a. Level_Head.  He’s cross-posting at both locations right now.  I have no idea how Level Head stumbled on this humble site during the early days, but I’m so glad he did.  A consummate gentleman, Keith DeHavelle single-handedly chased off my most tenacious troll.  I have viewed him as a knight-in-shining armor ever since.

The guy is an encyclopedia of historical information, so you learn something new every time you visit his site.  What’s more, he may qualify for the title “most interesting blogger in the world,” a la Dos Equis.  Don’t believe me?  Read the post about selling rattlesnakes.

3)  Planet Moron blogger “J.”  First of all, going by just one initial is mysterious and way cool.  Second, the guy is hilarious.  Not many writers make me laugh out loud, but he does so reliably. 

J has an ingenious category called “our 21st century regulatory system.”  I wish I had thought of it first.  He digests considerable portions of mindless bureaucratic drivel, and as a public service, he morphs it into pure comedic win:

“Health and Human Services took a similar approach to heeding the President’s call that his departments reduce regulatory burdens:

‘While HHS’s systematic review of regulations will focus on the elimination of rules that are no longer justified or necessary, the review will also consider strengthening, complementing, or modernizing rules where necessary or appropriate—including, if relevant, undertaking new rule making.’

It’s like when you tell your husband to clean out the garage at the end of which he determines he needs a Jet Ski.”

4)  Steve Dennis at America’s Watchtower.  One of the first bloggers I started reading regularly, Stevie D. can be best described by one word:  workhorse.  His site is the place to go for all the latest goings on in Congress, the latest on the campaign trail, and everything political in New Hampshire.

5)  Matt Ross and the rest at the Conservative Hideout.  Mr. Matt is another serious workhorse.  Not only does his posting diligence put me to shame, but he is also a frequent commenter on countless blogs.  Frankly, a big reason why I don’t visit his site more often is the fact that I can’t keep up!

He has a “Useful Idiot of the Month” poll that is always worth voting on.

6)  Down to the last choice already.  I could list a ton more good folks worthy of an award, but alas.  I gotta get off my butt eventually.  So the last site is Potluck.  Since Potluck has several contributors, I get to kill a buncha birds with one stone (but in a good way, of course):  PJMom, Quite Rightly, and Zilla of the Resistance, among others.

Check out this story from Potluck contributor Just A Conservative Girl:  And You Are A Democrat Why?  This smile-inducing post is about a real life conversation with a real life Democrat. 

Whew.  Homework assignment is now complete.  

I’m gonna alter the deal, though.  I have no expectation that these six awardees complete the assignment themselves.  What can I say?  I’m a softy, like your favorite high school art teacher.

Bits and Bobs

Okay, well.  We’re in Kansas now, and I’ve realized something.  Geography will dictate my Halloween costume this year.  Too bad Sussie won’t fit in a basket.

Things are moving fast.  As in a total blur.  We arrived last night and toured the available housing today.  We chose place number four, an on-base condo unit.  With new address in hand, we rang the storage company.

With typical “you-don’t-pay-us-the-military-does” brusqueness, the storage employee gave us a choice:  receive our belongings in two weeks, or tomorrow.

Tomorrow it is.  Gulp.

Meanwhile, the Time Warner Cable fellow can’t hook us up until Saturday.  So here’s some bits and bobs while I enjoy the hotel WiFi for one night.

First, Instawife’s post How to profit from “death panels” is well worth reading and bookmarking.  As you know, Dems stick like superglue to The Narrative:  “death panels” are a fictional product of right-wing fear-mongering.  Yet, Dr. Helen runs smack into this frightening monster whilst fulfilling her continuing education requirements.  Sure, the article she encountered deals with psychiatric issues–not life-or-death per se–but the implication is clear to anyone who values life and liberty:  when healthcare is rationed, there might not be enough medication for Granny.

Next, in case you are not a comment-scroller like me, I am reposting all of Eric’s comment to Dr. Helen’s post.  I have heard the “healthcare is already rationed by insurance companies” argument aplenty, and this response is spot-on:

Telling Dr. Helen that there is already rationing is to commit the equivocation fallacy.

Rationing is generally understood as a finite amount of something which is then split up amongst the population desiring it. So, if you have 10 meals and 20 people, you have to ration the meals.

Currently, in the United States, there is healthcare for everyone. No rationing required.

Just as there is water for everyone.

It doesn’t mean everyone gets health care, nor does it mean everyone gets water. Someone stuck out in the desert may not have access to water unless they can afford to have it brought to them. This in no way means the water is rationed.

Don’t let supporters of Obamacare pretend like healthcare is rationed and it will be rationed under Obamacare just like it is rationed now.

It’s not. It’s a lie. There is plenty of healthcare in the United States, just as their is plenty of water.

Under Obamacare, there will not be plenty of healthcare for everyone for various reasons. Healthcare will become scarce. Just as water would become scarce if we did the same thing to water that we’re doing to healthcare.

Just as gasoline became scarce when Jimmy Carter was president and gasoline had to be rationed. It wasn’t that suddenly oil vanished from the face of the earth. It was government intervention that caused it to be rationed.

In the same way, your healthcare will go away.

Water, gasoline, healthcare, these things are not rationed under our current free market system. And it takes a fallacy to argue that it does.

Moving on to item number three:  you gotta watch these Croatian dudes, Stjepan Hauser and Luka Sulic.  Innocent Bystanders posted the duet’s version of “Smooth Criminal” a few weeks ago.  That’s right, Michael Jackson’s song.

I enjoyed it, but didn’t share it.  Now the Innocent Bystanders have posted a newer video, Welcome to the Jungle.  That’s right, Guns and Roses.  It’s a must share:

BONUS JUST FOR DAD:  I know you won’t fancy the vid above, so here they are playing Shostakovich:

Fourth and finally:  Veronique De Rugy speaks more truth to power, this time about the Alternative Minimum Tax.  But that’s not what I want to share.  I want to share another nugget of gold from a comment sectionLevel Head, there’s another poet lurking in the blogosphere.  I hope you enjoy his verse as much as I did:

Tax the Rich! Tax the Rich!
The fat sheep flee the herder!
Call your Senator! —sire or bitch—
They’re getting away with murder!

Letter the Editor! show your spleen!
Let’s stop this vile unfairness!
Boost their percentage to heights unseen,
(Be damned to fiscal awareness!)

Tax the Rich! Tax the Rich!
Demand a committee hearing!
With your percentage a chronic itch,
The fat sheep need more shearing!

For 92 years it is safe and sound,
Well known to Pol and staffer;
That “revenue lost” is patronage found
(Be damned to Arthur Laffer)

Tax the Rich! in your envy lies
The key to this populist racket.
While productivity brings; “surprise!
You’ve moved to a higher bracket!”

Be a careful chump in demanding who
And where a levy exacts,
Soon little old you will be subject to
The Alternative Minimum Tax.

Ya’ll have a good week.  I can’t respond to comments for a few days, but your thoughtful contributions are appreciated.  Hopefully, the spammers won’t hit too hard before the cable guy gets me my fix.

Missy S on Feminism

When Missy says she is going to do something, well she delivers.  Here’s a snippet:

“They have cartoonish ideas about traditional gender roles, actually.  Many times I have heard it said: ‘I’m not your typical housewife!!! I read books!!!’ as if that is anything new.  Bay Area mothers have something to prove.  If she’s selling her knits on Etsy, it’s because she’s still an artist.  Many remain career-minded overachievers at heart who view their children as projects and always try for extra credit.”

I wonder if those overachievers are the ones studied in the “parents are more unhappy” studies.

Go read the rest.  She provides an excellent peek into today’s leftist female views on motherhood.