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I Used To Blog About Non-political Stuff Too

I have memory of it. Enough memory to point out when I got a dog. (Which is a big deal when you are a cat person who is allergic to cats.)

Also I have enough memory to recall when our poor rescue dog had to endure her first move. God bless a beast who has no idea what’s going on, except knowing that it’s new.

When you have been previously abandoned, new is bad.  Very bad.

Since then, our dear Sussie has recovered from moving, then recovered from losing an eye, then recovered from moving again, and again, and then . . . bless her heart, seriously.  Last year, we rescued a lab puppy through this website.

What a challenge, for both dogs and humans. We were not fully prepared for an energetic (yet still worm-riddled and sickly) hard-headed boy with an insatiable need to chew and an unfortunate habit of toileting indoors.

We were also not prepared for the full bore resistance Sussie would wage against a new dog that dared invade her personal territory.  Her first day was spent underneath the pillows on our bed.  For the next month she wouldn’t share the same room with this interloper. Ever.

Frankly, I wanted to hide with Sussie.  This new dog was a gigantic pain in the ass.  Yet, also cute.  So cute.  IMG_7614

This photo of Sailor was taken last fall.  Since then he’s been house trained, leash trained, and trained for basic commands. Also, he has learned that excessive begging just gets you crated.

Today he is bigger, but just as happy:

IMG_8259.JPGHappy dog owning!  From the happiest dog-owning cat-lover to have ever typed words.

Loyalty Test: You Fail!

“NeverTrumpers are appealing to their conservative friends based on emotional claims that I recognize as false, deluded, and selfish.  One friend said, ‘Who wins the election does not matter as much as the need to vote one’s conscience.’  This statement is stunningly prideful and childish.  The voting booth is not a ride at Six Flags, and elections are not part of a consumer experiences.  The White House is not Burger King, where you get things your way.

Of course who wins the election is more important than your precious conscience or how you feel about voting.  Your country matters more than you do.”

Normally, this base-level attempt at manipulation would piss me off. But the thing is, I know that my life experiences are not typical. I know that most civilians don’t even think about veterans and service members when they throw insults around like “of course who wins the election is more important than you.”

Wait . . . what? Something bigger than me is more important?!  I never!  Well, except for that time I raised my right hand and solemnly swore: “I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

So, yeah. Folks can throw insults about how “your refusal to ___insert loyalty test here         ” means you are deluded, selfish, proud and childish.

But if you’ve actually already signed on to the ultimate loyalty test, by having once taken the Oath of Office, well.  Attempts to guilt-trip you fall pretty flat.

Slight edits for compulsive need to polish style. Sorry bout that.


Notes From Off The Plantation

Somebody on Facebook recently asked: “Are we electing the best candidate or simply the lesser of two evils?”

At first, my response was simple snark: is this a rhetorical question?  Then, I got my soap box on, and ended up writing something good enough to post.

Here it is.

I will never vote for Hillary, so only one side of the equation is pertinent for me: is Trump a lesser evil than Hillary? And every time– Every. Time.– think I might be able to answer, ‘yes,’ Trump says something else horrible.

And the pressure I’ve gotten to vote for Trump! No matter how ignorant he shows himself to be, no matter how un-conservative he sounds, or how many times he insults the military, or flip flops on issues, or otherwise generally makes a total ass of himself.

Trump flaunts the fact that folks who “don’t like him” “have no choice” but to vote for him, because SCOTUS! Except, have you noticed that even when GOP gets their justices appointed, it still doesn’t change federal precedence? If you want to understand why, start here.

At this point, the Trump-driven GOP is trying to exercise the same manipulative “the other party will destroy you!” control that Democrats hold over many African-Americans with the threat “the other party is racist and will enslave you!”

In reality, those who would keep you voting their party for no other reason than fear of the “other party” are the ones trying to enslave you. I just bought a T-shirt w/a James Madison quote: “Conscience is the most sacred of all property.”

Don’t let anyone bind your conscience. That goes against your very Christian freedom. You know God’s in control. So let Him be. Vote whoever your conscience tells you: Trump, 3rd Party, write-in, whatever. Pray for all of them. And give Jesus that wheel.

*Footnote. To those of my conservative brethren who are not interested in giving Jesus their wheel: we are on the same page. We ascribe our natural rights to different sources, but we adhere to the same natural rights. A truly conservative atheist is more my ally than a Christian who wishes to bind my conscience and guilt-trip me into voting Trump.


Shooting Low

People have opinions.  When the opinion is about my children and their future, I have a problem with it.

Here’s why:  I have NO opinion about my children’s future.  Unless:

  • They get hooked on illegal drugs
  • They sell illegal drugs
  • Their spouses get hooked on or sell illegal drugs
  • They abuse their spouses
  • Their spouses abuse them
  • They turn to other criminal activity as a source of income
  • They refuse to work, instead living off the government teat
  • They expect me & my husband to continue supporting them indefinitely
  • They irresponsibly go into large amounts of debt in a pursuit of unrealistic dreams

The end.  If none of the above apply, and my children are above 18, then I am a satisfied parent.

If they are working hard at whatever opportunity they are afforded . . . if they are pursuing a passion (should they have one) . . . if they are out of my house and making their own adult decisions . . . then I am happy indeed.

Whether they are in the food service industry, or become soldiers, sailors, mechanics, engineers, or even experts in the restoration of historic military airplanes . . . it makes no difference to me.  They could even become lawyers.

It’s all good.  And it sure as hell ain’t ‘shooting low.’

I wasn’t ‘shooting low’ when I decided to homeschool my children for four years straight.

I wasn’t ‘shooting low’ when I let my sons compete in various sports year after year.  They are both planning to continue competing in sports, by the way.

I sure wasn’t ‘shooting low’ when I learned how to help one son study for Latin by learning what “declensions” are.  Declensions?  WTF?

So, if anyone out there is getting pressure because of the educational choices they make for their children, please listen:

Don’t listen.  Just do your thing.

This Blog Post is Bad and Raaaaaacist

How uncomfortable this election season must be for most Republicans.  They hate Democrats, but secretly also hate the Tea Party.  When it was convenient, they certainly wore the Tea Party’s Badge of Unfair Allegation of Racism upon their own breasts.  Yeahhh! We aren’t raaaaaacist!  You just hate our guts!!!!

I believed that response.  I actually believed that Tea Partiers who tended to share conspiracy theories (especially about Obama being a secret Muslim) were just a bit misguided, but still my ally.

Wrong.  Wrong

These people were in reality Trump supporters waiting to be . . . what?  Activated?  Motivated?  I can’t even begin to guess what motivates these individuals.  All I know is, they use the same arguments that leftists use.  They harass the same way that leftists do.

But we’re the bad guys, we who don’t fall into line and vote party loyalty ASAP.

I still have unanswered questions, by the way.  Question number one:  When folks raise up a candidate that is so awful, so indefensible that ‘movement conservatives’ rebel, saying “we aren’t down with that” well.  How do you then blame them for the fallout?

The answer, of course, is you just do.  Because they are not going along with the program.

Going against the program is bad, you know.

Trump-Induced Whiplash

Time for a dose of Trump-induced whiplash:

Trump Supporter Kayleigh McEnany on CNN:  “You are not a conservative if you do not support Donald Trump.

Trump, In His Own Words:  “It’s called the Republican Party, not the Conservative Party.”

I love in particular Kayleigh McEnany, starting about 20 seconds in:

“They are now all of the sudden concerned with conservative values?  Well where were they with John McCain?  Where was the ‘Never McCain’ Movement?  Where were they with Mitt Romney?  Where were they, leading the ‘Never Romney’ Movement?  The facts are, those movements didn’t exist.  What you have here is an establishment that is rejecting its voters . . . .”

Ha ha ha ha.  Ha ha,  hgah hahhahahahhahhhhhahaaaahahgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Where were we, she asks?  Holding our noses and voting party loyalty.  That’s where we were.  The exact same place you argue we should be now, with your backhanded insult: You aren’t conservative if you don’t vote Trump!  So get in line and vote party loyalty!

Notice the last few seconds of Bruce Campbell’s laugh at the end of the “ha ha” video clip.  It’s more of a scream than a laugh.

I’m not laughing either.  I’m screaming.  Want to know why?  Because I’ve gotten the “where were you?” argument, a hundred times.  Only, back in the good old days, I got that argument from liberals:  “You want liberty?!?  Where were you when George Bush was eroding our liberty with the Payyytriot Act?!?” they would demand with froth upon their lips.

Now I’m accosted with the same question, but not from my political opponent.  Instead, I am accosted by those who ostensibly would be my political ally.  Except they are not.  Do you hear that, Trump supporters?  You are not my political ally.



Shameful Behavior

The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans:  they can’t come up with $400 for an unexpected expense.

A couple of things.  1:  a lack of funds should not be a source of shame.  Shame connotes the idea of wrongdoing.  Is the fact that you have no money the result of your own wrongdoing?  Then feel shame.  Otherwise, feel free to be poor with a guilt-free conscience.

2:   “I know what it is like to have to tell my daughter that I didn’t know if I would be able to pay for her wedding.”  That’s awkward.  I know what it is like to be a daughter who knows her parents shouldn’t pay for her wedding.  I explained it to my fiance, then prepared to explain to my parents, in the event that they attempt to do so anyway.

They knew better.  They did pay for my wedding dress, a perfect compromise because the investment amount was unknown and yet still manageable.  They certainly did not use retirement funds to pay for my wedding.

3:  “I know what it is like to have to borrow money from my adult daughters because my wife and I ran out of heating oil.”  Okay.  I remember a time in my youth when my dad had to borrow a bit of money from me.  Dad is accomplished, but also a man who puts principle and posterity ahead of his own prosperity.  Rather than causing him to be a sympathetic character, his willingness to borrow made him a heroic character in my eyes.

4:  Then, the writer wrote a lot of words, from which it is apparent I should have empathy for those with financial insecurity, financial fragility, and/or financial distress.  I want to have empathy, but the wordiness and the statistics make it hard.  Having lived a life of financial insecurity/fragility/distress, hearing that it is a “liquidity problem” makes me roll my eyes.  Someone with a billion dollars of physical assets can still suffer a “liquidity problem.”  The real source of a “liquidity problem:” the failure to live within your means.

5: The article continues with a lot more historical background about who can pay for what.  Then, it theorizes that credit card debt the main culprit.  I don’t doubt that credit card debt is huge, but I do wonder whether such debt is a cause or merely a symptom the real problem.  Perhaps the real problem is a deeper cultural issue.

6:  The article just keeps going.  I can’t even.  Given the fact that we can come up with $400 if unexpected circumstances require it right now, we must be considerably more successful than the article’s author?  Perhaps it is geographical difference in expenses, or the willingness to drive a POS car.  Or the fact that when extra money is coming in, we obsessively but unobtrusively hoard it.  I dunno.

7.  “And then, on top of it all, came the biggest shock, though one not unanticipated: college.”  M’kay.  Here’s the thing.  I didn’t expect my parents to pay for college education any more than I expected them to pay for a wedding.  And here we are today, a military family.  The expectation is not that we parents will pay for college.  Rather, we tell our sons:  if you can’t get an athletic or academic scholarship, you can go ROTC or enlist and use the GI Bill or go “Seaman to Admiral.”  Or . . . (seriously scandalous these days) you can attend a trade school and learn a skilled trade instead of college.

8.  Thank you Neal Gabler for giving me a reason to post after a long hiatus.  I hope you find a reason to take that brown bag off you and your family’s heads.

9.  As a blogger that vowed not to disappear and yet did with no explanation, I have a real reason for shame.  Fellow bloggers and other readers:  I am so sorry.  I loved writing yet never imagined how much I would love not writing.  Not writing is both easy, and fun.  Given this fact, I’m not sure when I’ll post next.