And the Winner of the Worst Cover Evah Contest is . . .

I counted a total of five votes for the winning cover.  I included votes from the first comment string, the second comment string, and also from the excellent submissions over at Dustbury. (Did you know that Rod Stewart covered “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman?”)  Second place goes to Mr. Spock for Proud Mary.  Honorable mentions go to both Celine Dion and Disturbed, for garnering defenders of their art.

The winner is . . . Miley Cyrus!

Woo hoo, come and collect your prizes Ms. Cyrus:  an assortment of Rice-a-Roni and a Porcelain Dog.

No, not really.

There are no prizes here.  Only snark, and sometimes gnashing of teeth.

Thanks for all participation, and especially thanks for not forgetting about me during this extended absence.

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One thought on “And the Winner of the Worst Cover Evah Contest is . . .

  1. Yos / Si Vis Pacem 29 July 2012 at 3:05 pm Reply

    Yeah, I gotta hand it to her. As music goes, that number really sucked. Funny, it was made all the worse by her pedantic little rant about “courage” and “doing what you love.”

    BTW, Obama’s cover of Liawatha’s “You Didn’t Build That” deserves entry in the next contest. Talk about epic suckage.

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