Second Post On Captain Honors (UPDATED)

I wrote my first post, The Start of The Purge, hours after the Virginia Pilot broke the story about Capt. Honors’ XO videos.

Many people have had important things to say since then, so I want to urge you to follow some links.

First, Da Tech Guy brilliantly juxtaposes a warrior’s perspective (Blackfive and A Soldier’s Perspective) with the typical inexperienced and politically correct perspective.   All three are well worth a read.  My favorite bit from Blackfive:  “There is no question that the XO is guilty as sin of the crime of acting like a fighter pilot in public and on the airwaves.  Anyone ever met a damn fighter pilot?”


A new-to-me blog, Unconverage, posts about how the radical leftist-gay agenda can and will harm the military:

The San Francisco Police department is a legal “cluster-f++k”  of constant litigation and administration of gay issues.

My post on the SFPD discusses the total breakdown of law enforcement in the west coast city due to the radical gay agenda which is micro-managing personnel decisions, and deciding which crimes to prosecute and which to ignore.  Doing the job of policing San Francisco is secondary to the LGBT agenda.  Do we want our national security to be compromised by such self-absorbed distractions?

How frustrating it must be for non-leftist homosexuals, by the way, to get lumped into the likes of this by many on the right, and simultaneously derided as traitors by those on the left.

Uncoverage blogger Jamison also links a good Navy perspective.

Finally, a clarification is in order.  My choice of title for the first Honors post, “The Start of The Purge?” was provocative.  However, I was not saying that the leak and witch hunt were the product of an organized conspiracy. 

I do not think that the President or the leftist gays as a political group were specifically “behind” the Honors debacle.  Certainly, they’ve played their roles in promoting this toxic PC culture.

We all have, to varying degrees.  We as a culture have decided to live by the Politically Correct Code, and we are reaping what we sow.

I hope we can learn the ‘behind the scenes’ story behind this non-scandal.  Yet, I hold no opinion about what that story is, exactly.  A concerted political effort?  A disgruntled sailor?  An over-zealous PC do-gooder? 

Regardless of why, my concern is that the DADT repeal will start a purge or a wave of good leaders exiting the service.  Some will leave voluntarily, without even stating why.  Some will get forced out.

My belief is that Captain Honors is the first of many more to come.

UPDATE:  Now that the damage is already done, i.e., the guy was removed from command of the Enterprise, in trickles the news that maybe the videos weren’t so bad after all.  Case in point, Gay Former Sailors Back Captain Ousted Over Videos, via The Lonely Conservative (thanks for the heads up, Karen).

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3 thoughts on “Second Post On Captain Honors (UPDATED)

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  2. Lonely Conservative 10 January 2011 at 6:37 pm Reply

    Thanks for the link. I feel terrible for Honors. Everything I’ve read about him and his career indicates he was stellar. That they would take some silly videos, although not PC, and wreck his career is awful.

  3. […] No One of Any Import linked – thanks! […]

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