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Mrs. Puff Reviews the November 2010 Election Results

Like almost everything in life, there are good and bad parts to the election results.   First, I’ll be Mrs. Puff, and focus on the positives.  So start hearing her voice as you read:

Let’s see . . . The GOP picked up six Senate seats.  Even someone named after Ayn Rand got a Senate seat.  What else?  The Democrats no longer have a majority in the House. 


No more GOP blame when the Dems actually have to twist the arms in their own party.  No more Alan Grayson.  No more Russ Feingold.  No more Charlie Crist.  No more Alan Grayson

No more Glenn Nye.  No more Alan Grayson.  No more Bob Etheridge.  No more Ciro Rodriguez.  No more Alan Grayson, no more Alan Grayson, no more Alan Grayson!!!

Ahh.  I think I’m going to like this place.

Okay, now let’s be Squidward and get to the negatives:

1.  Bahhney Fwank beat Sean Bielat?!?  What is wrong with you people in Massachusetts?!?

2.  California.  Really?  Really?!?  Jerry Brown, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Pete Stark?  Yep, here’s your award.  Nope, I don’t want to bail you out.

UPDATE:  Level_Head has brought to my attention the fact that he is not familiar with Mrs. Puff!  Why, perhaps there are other such people out there, miserably unfamiliar with Spongebob Squarepants humor.

I shall educate you.

Election Day Motivation, Part 4

We Are The Ones:  O RLY?

It’s based off some old pro-Obama video.


Election Day Motivation, Part 3: Rage and Vitriol in Virginia

Ah, that would be Tea Party rage and vitriol, no?


The irony of the second guy’s tirade is breathtaking:  “These people are BIGOTS!  They hate blacks!  They hate Jews!  They hate Muslims!  They’re hate mongers!”

You know what?  This doesn’t even make me feel angry towards those two men.  It just makes me feel sad, mostly.  Sad for them, and the way their minds have closed.  Sad for me, and the way I am condemned just because I don’t trust big government.

My anger is directed at those who have sold this lie, time and time again.  I hate liars.

Found via Ed Driscoll’s Trip Down Memory Lane, and also at the Washington Examiner.

Election Day Motivation, Part 2: Vote, It’s Your Turn To Speak Out

Looks like today is shaping up to be a video-posting kind of day.

Well, it’s easier than thinking of something to say.  So there’s that. 

Also, these vids are seriously.  motivating.

Watch, then vote if ya haven’t.

Election Day Motivation: A Ben Howe Video

Sweet.  Fancy.  Moses.  This guy is so talented

Maybe I am biased, since I have adored Grieg’s In the Hall Of the Mountain King my whole life. 

Yes, really.  My Dad’s a musician, and one of my earliest memories is running around the house like a maniac, fueled by this song on the record player.

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